Timber Treatments

McHugh Timber Products have been preserved with an Osmose preservative system which is based on copper and an organic co-biocide (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). Alkaline Copper Quaternary systems have provided proven performance for over a decade in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Osmose Naturewood preserved wood can be used for fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers.

Osmose Naturewood products will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood; this will weather to an attractive natural honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long term exposure to the sun. Osmose Naturewood products can be stained to match any outdoor colour scheme. Always follow manufacturer's recommendations.

Are Naturewood treated products tried and tested?

  • Comprehensive field data, over 15 years in ground contact.
  • The world market leader, already well established around the globe (eg. USA, Scandinavia, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Japan etc).
  • The preservatives in Naturewood treated wood, copper and quaternary compounds, provide proven protection against fungal decay, wood destroying insects and termite attack.

Do Osmose Naturewood products comply with standards?

Osmose Naturewood products comply with the relevant Irish and European Standards including the new BS8417, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) requirements and the Highways Agency specification for fencing and noise barriers.

What is the expected service life of Osmose Naturewood products?

Formulations developed as alternatives to CCA are applied in accordance with the recent European Standards regime, rather than by using the more traditional British Standards criteria. The following Desired Service Life categories from the new BS8417 therefore apply to Osmose Naturewood products.

  • Components in Use Class 1 & 2 - approx 60 years
  • Components in Use Class 3a and 3b - approx 15 and 30 years
  • Components in Use Class 4a and 4b - approx 15 and 30 years

The Treatment Process

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