Selected Timber Products

Other Products

Fencing Wire

We are approved suppliers of tornado fencing wire and also have a wide range of all other fencing accessories that you may need.

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Wooden Gates & Gate Posts

We are also an approved supplier of Wooden Gates and Gate Posts, click through to see the range of gates and posts available.

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Wood Chippings

Wood Chip

As part of your landscaping or agriculture project you may also find our wood chip useful for bedding or garden mulch.

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Client Testimonials

"As General Manager I am very happy to endorse McHugh Timber Products as one of our preferred suppliers. They offer superb customer service, excellent quality of product, including FSC credentials and will always do that little bit extra to support our customer base and requirements. We value their support hugely."

"I've been relying on McHugh Timber Products for years to fence in my fields. Their posts are incredibly strong and durable, perfect for containing my animals. McHugh's products have helped me create a secure and long-lasting fencing system that gives me peace of mind."

" As a landscape designer, I rely on top-notch materials to bring my visions to life. McHugh Timber Products has become my go-to supplier for all my landscaping timber needs. Their fencing posts are perfect for creating durable edging and retaining walls. McHugh Timber's commitment to quality ensures my projects look fantastic and last for years. They're a trusted partner in my landscaping business."