Incised Fencing Posts

Incised timber is done by creating small slits in the surface of the timber with pressurised rollers and knives to penetrate the surface before treatment.

Advantages of this process include...

  • Enhances Timber Drying prior to treatment
  • Improved Preservative Penetration into Wood
  • Consistent All Round Preservation
  • Reduces stress levels in the post, which results in reduced cracking in situ
  • This then allows us to achieve a minimum of 6mm depth of penetration into the timber species

Incised posts are then treated using a leading brand of Celcure high pressure preservative. Celcure C4 is a copper based preservative and is optimised for class 4 'Ground Contact' timbers. The addition of two co-biocides offers additional protection from a greater spectrum of rots and fungi. We can offer incised posts using Celbronze (brown) or traditional green.